home spa

Midland, MI

addition & interior remodel

This majestic addition to a home located in Midland, Michigan is based on the client’s direct need to have an exercise and spa area to unwind and meditate. The clients wanted a space to have a home spa retreat. The existing home is located on a large lot that has wonderful views to a small, beautiful lake.

The design incorporated a seamless addition connecting the existing master suite and living area to a new relaxation room, fully taking advantage of the views of the lake. A new front entry has been added to balance the addition and improve the curb appeal and function upon entry.

The interior features a large walk-thru glass steam shower that is located in the center of the room, a teak sauna and a relaxation/massage area complete with a water feature. Throughout the addition, there is floor to ceiling windows to flood the space with natural light and built-in cubbies for yoga mats and rolled towels. There are multiple doors leading to a large Zen-like garden patio, which also aids in relaxation, as well a new gas fire pit.

Overall, the addition blends nicely into the existing structure, maximizes rear yard views, and gives the clients a great escape from the everyday adventures that life has to offer.

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