pine lake


Located in West Bloomfield Township, this existing home on Pine Lake was asking for an exterior remodel, with an updated garage and a new bird’s nest addition, as well as a devoted interior office space. The design was challenging meeting all the strict ordinances, as well as working above an existing room with a cathedral ceiling and large pizza oven that client listed as a ‘must save.’

The solution was to borrow space from a closet upstairs to run a small staircase that would travel above the cathedral ceiling below, thus leaving the room below untouched. The stairway opened up to private office lined with windows and a pair of French doors, leading to a lakeside balcony.

New custom brackets were designed and a section of the roof was lowered to help lower the mass of the new structure along with exposed rafter tails. The entire exterior paint/stain scheme was reworked to blend in this new dynamic addition.

The existing one-story garage with a low slope roof was transformed by using the existing walls and adding a new upper level for additional storage or a future guest suite. The garage now relates and compliments the home and completes this coastal style renovation.

  • Pine Lake Addition Sketch
  • Pine Lake Remodel Before After
  • Pine Lake Addition Before After Ii
Pine Lake Addition Before After Iii
Pine Lake Addition Sketch

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