nantucket style coastal cottage

boat-access-only island

three family

This project involved designing a ‘future heirloom’ summer retreat for three separate Michigan families. The project is on a boat-access-only island with unstable soils off a shipping channel in one of the Great Lakes. The clients requested a shared common space with private sleeping and bathing quarters that would be individually accessed.

The concepts evolved into a ‘Nantucket style coastal cottage’ that is placed on raised piles for both increased views and structural stability. Each family is provided with private suites joined by a series of expansive wood decks to embrace the spectacular Michigan sunrises and sunsets. By staggering the roof heights, floor levels and driving both the entry facades toward the ground, we we were able to provide a comforting and welcoming feeling to the overall design. Another challenge is that the materials have to be selected not only for aesthetic value, but also weight to reduce the total load on the piling foundation design.

This project has met and exceeded the expectations of the clients so much that they have been keeping track of how many boats drive down just to see the home and say ‘Damn!!!’, pause, then turn back around.

  • Nantucket Style Coastal Cottage Front
  • Nantucket Style Coastal Cottage Dock
  • Nantucket Style Coastal Cottage Dusk
  • Nantucket Style Coastal Cottage Aerial

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